GO Quest

GO Quest is the droneship support ship for the east coast droneship, Of Course I Still Love You. The ship carries equipment and crew to support offshore landings. GO Quest has supported every droneship landing attempt on the east coast and is also the longest-standing, active member of the SpaceX Fleet.


Although dependant on mission requirements, OCISLY will leave port up to 5 days ahead of launch day. GO Quest will then typically leave port up to 36 hours later and meet with the droneship at the mission landing zone a few days later.


The stern (rear) of GO Quest has 2 flights of stairs. The ship backs its stern up to OCISLY and crews climb the stairs to board the droneship at sea. Crews from GO Quest will then prepare OCISLY for the landing, activating the thrusters and other equipment before returning to GO Quest. The ship will then retreat to a safe distance and observe the landing.


The process is then repeated in reverse after landing to transfer crew aboard the droneship to secure the booster for the return journey. Once close to land, GO Quest will once again transfer crew onto OCISLY to assist with the Port Canaveral berthing by handling ropes and other equipment.


The deck of GO Quest is filled with antennas and containers housing electrical equipment. These are used during landings to relay booster telemetry and for general communication.

Vital Statistics

Owner: Guice Offshore

Operator: Guice Offshore

Year Built: 2004

IMO: 8987876

Length: 50m

Width: 10m

Joined SpaceX Fleet: 2014

Full Specification Sheet.


Learn more about Booster Recovery

SpaceX operates 2 autonomous spaceport droneships (ASDS) to land their Falcon 9 family of boosters at sea. Droneship landings are required for missions where the booster is not able to carry enough fuel to return to the launch site (RTLS) after delivering a payload into orbit.

SpaceX currently has two droneships in operation, one under construction and another that was retired in 2015

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