Event: Starlink L3


Starlink L3 Mission

Falcon 9

Fairing Recovery


Ms. Tree and Ms. Chief have deployed but the weather is poor.

Fleet Deployment


The primary East Coast droneship will be stationed ~621 km downrange from the launch pad.


GO Quest is the droneship support ship. The vessel carries equipment and personnel to support landings.

Hawk is the tugboat that tows OCISLY from Port Canaveral to the landing zone.


GO Ms. Tree is a fast, maneuverable vessel that has been specially modified to catch fairing halves.


GO Ms. Chief is the near-identical sister ship to Ms. Tree and has been modified into a fairing catcher.

Booster Recovery Map

621km downrange

Coords: North 32 32 50 West 75 55 23   


Event Updates

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