Port Canaveral

North Cargo Pier 6

When not at sea during missions, Of Course I Still Love you remains berthed at Port Canaveral north cargo pier 6. A semi-submerged barge is used as a bumper between the droneship and dock.


Dockside, SpaceX now uses the Port Canaveral mobile crane to lift the booster from the droneship to land. A large stand can also be seen and is used to hold Falcon 9 boosters whilst they have their legs removed/retracted and are prepared for transportation.


Support ships can also often be found docked at NCP 6 but often move to The Cove when a cargo ship or bulk carrier needs access to the large cargo cranes that share the dock space.

The Cove

The Cove is on the public side of Port Canaveral. SpaceX often docks their support ships here when space is needed at the north cargo pier.

Ships Based At Port Canaveral

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